Personal Use of Photocopying Equipment and Supplies

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University Policy Number 15


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These policies and procedures apply to George Mason University Faculty, Staff, Students and Contractors with access to University owned and operated photocopying equipment and supplies.  This procedure applies to all University locations, owned and leased, including Fairfax Campus, Arlington Campus, the Prince William Institute and GMU at the Center for Innovative Technology.


Photocopying equipment and supplies are provided by the University for the use of faculty, staff, students and contractors in carrying out their official duties.  Personal usage is any usage other than that required to carry out official duties at the University.  It is recognized that copying equipment and supplies are occasionally needed in making personal copies of dissertations, professional papers, or other items, all of which are deemed to be “personal usage”.  Since state funds may not be spent for personal usage, photocopies in the noted category may only be reproduced at University copy centers that accept cash jobs.  The location of these centers may be found in the Customer’s Guide to Print Services available from the Fenwick Copy Center or by calling 703-993-2562.


A. Heads of Departments and Activities

Heads of Departments and Activities have the responsibility of ensuring that personal use photocopies are not charged against their departmental expense accounts.

B. Director Print Services

The Director of Print Services will be responsible for reproducing this procedure in Print Services publications and guides and making known to the campus community the location and rates of the copy centers.


All amendments and additions to Administrative Policy Number 15 are to be reviewed and approved by the Office of the Executive Vice President for Administration and the Office of the Executive Vice President for Finance and Planning.


The policies herein are effective March 9, 1993.  This Administrative Policy shall be reviewed and revised, if necessary, annually and to become effective at the beginning of the University’s fiscal year, unless otherwise noted.

APPROVED:  George W. Johnson        DATE:  March 9, 1993

Stanley Taylor, Administration