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University Policy Number 22


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The policies and procedures listed here apply to George Mason University and to all users of its print services.  University Administrative Policy Number 22 applies to all academic and operational departments and offices at all University locations, owned and leased.


The office of Print Services is created to provide black and white photo duplication, to provide all duplicating equipment on all campuses and to provide assistance in obtaining permissions from publishers to make anthologies for class use.  Printing services are not to be obtained at any off-campus copy shop unless it has been pre-determined by Print Services staff that the job cannot be completed in the on-campus facilities.  No individual department or institute may purchase duplicating equipment; all requests for duplicating equipment purchases must originate in the office of the Director of Print Services.  Print Services will not make copies which would exceed fair use or otherwise violate copyright law.  (See Appendix I)


The services provided by the Director of Print Services are listed in the Print Services Customer’s Guide, 1992-1993.


A.   Copy Jobs

All requests for photocopying which originate within the University and are paid for through the use of state funds (department activity code) should be made on a standard request form and taken to one of the copy centers as specified in the Print Services Customer’s Guide 1992-1993.

B.   Personal Use

Administrative copiers are for official University activities purposes.  It is not the policy of the University to subsidize the cost of copies for purposes other than those officially designated, sponsored and/or sanctioned by the University.  Personal use of administrative copiers is prohibited.  Coin generated copiers are made available for personal use.

C.   Off-Campus Copying

Orders for copying should not be taken to off-campus vendors unless Print Services has first determined that the order cannot be performed or completed by University print services facilities.  If commercial printing is required, the originating activity or department will be advised to take the request to the office of University Publications.  University Publications is to approve and coordinate all off-campus printing services requests.

D.   Method of Billing

Chargeback reports are sent monthly to each department/activity as outlined in the Print Services Customer’s Guide 1992-93.

E.   Copyright

In accordance with GMU: Copies and Copyright Law, Appendix I, the copy centers reserve the right to refuse to make copies that will exceed fair use or otherwise violate copyright law.


All amendments and additions to Administrative Policy Number 22 are to be reviewed and approved by the Office of the Executive Vice President for Administration and the Office of the Executive Vice President for Finance and Planning.


The policies herein are effective February 4, 1994. This Administrative Policy shall be reviewed and revised, if necessary, annually and to become effective at the beginning of the University’s fiscal year, unless otherwise noted.

    APPROVED:  George W. Johnson        DATE:  February 4, 1994 PRESIDENT