Release of Educational Records

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University Policy Number 1122


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This procedure pertains to the release of educational records of all financially dependent students to a parent at his request as defined by 20 U.S.C. § 1232(g).


To describe the specific procedures involved in the university’s compliance with Virginia Statute CHAPTER 495, § 23-9.2:3.


The procedure pertains to all employees of the Registrar’s Office involved in the processing of student educational records.


In accordance with language of Chapter 495, 23-9.2:3 of the Code of Virginia (in italics below) which requires that …the board of visitors or other governing body of every public institution of higher education in Virginia shall establish policies and procedures requiring the release of the educational record of a dependent student, as defined by 20 U.S.C. § 1232g, to a parent at his request… the following procedures have been established to comply with this new regulation:

  1. The Registrar’s Office will review parental requests for educational records to ensure their right under law to the records and then release the requested educational records in the form of an official transcript when that right has been verified.  In order to obtain a copy of a student’s transcript, the student’s parent or legal guardian must complete the Parent’s Certification Form which requires the requestor to certify that they are the person on whom the student is dependent.  The form must be renewed annually.  The following supporting documentation must accompany the request: (1) a copy of the parent’s federal tax return for the most recently ended tax year listing the student as a dependent and (2) a copy of a valid state or U.S. government-issued identification card or passport.  Electronic submissions will not be accepted and all records must be submitted in person or via mail with all copies notarized.  All documents will be shredded or returned once the request has been processed.
  2. The Registrar’s Office will maintain evidence of the approved request as part of the student’s record and will confirm its validity for subsequent parental requests for the student’s educational record before honoring the request.  Recertification of dependency will be required as appropriate.


This policy is effective August 15, 2008.  This policy shall be reviewed and revised, if necessary, annually to become effective at the beginning of the University’s fiscal year, unless otherwise noted.


Maurice W. Scherrens
Senior Vice President

Peter N. Stearns

Board of Visitors

Date approved: August 15, 2008