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The purpose of this University Policy web site is to ensure that the University community has ready access to well-articulated and understandable University policies. Policies that are easy to find, read and understand will help the university accomplish its mission, maintain accountability, provide employees and students with clear and concise guidelines, and clarify how the university conducts business.

To ensure ready access to University policies, this web site will contain the most current approved version of all University policies, with links to applicable procedures and forms. The documents on the University Policies web page will constitute the only official university-wide policies for George Mason University.

To maintain an organized system of change control and to ensure consistency throughout the university, individual departmental web sites may not contain separate copies or versions of University policies or applicable procedures. Instead, departmental web sites that reference University policies and procedures must use hyperlinks to the documents on the official University Policy web page. This does not preclude departments from maintaining internal departmental policies and procedures on their web sites, provided the internal departmental policies and procedures are not identified as and do not conflict with official University policies and procedures.