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University Policy Number 1144


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I. Scope

This Policy applies to all users of George Mason University’s print devices at all University locations, owned and leased.

II. Policy Statement

The Policy relates to the use of all print devices, networked or non-networked, to include but not limited to multifunction print devices (MFD), single function print devices (SFD), photocopying equipment, and supplies purchased or leased by Mason or managed by a third party for the University.

A. Personal Use

Multifunction print devices (MFD), single function print devices (SFD), photocopying equipment, and supplies are provided by the University for the use of faculty, staff, students and contractors in carrying out their official duties. Canon MFDs and SFDs are equipped with card readers that allow students, faculty, and staff to use their Mason IDs to charge against organization codes they are authorized to or against personal Mason Money funds. State funds may not be spent for personal use of these devices and supplies. Personal use is any use other than that required to carry out official duties at the University, including making personal copies of dissertations, professional papers, or other items. Such personal use may only be paid for with personal Mason Money funds at multifunction devices equipped to accept those funds or at any Mason Money Merchant.  The location of these merchants may be found online at

B. Copyright

 All George Mason University departments must comply with University Policy 1104, Use and Reproduction of Copyrighted Materials. Print Services, Powered by Canon, will not make copies which would exceed fair use or otherwise violate copyright law. Duplication requests for copyrighted materials should follow the procedures found on the Print Services Powered by Canon web site found here: A minimum of two weeks is required for copyrighted material to be researched and printed. All costs for researching and reproducing copyrighted material will be the responsibility of the person or department submitting the request or the end user of the material.

C. Equipment

Managed print services are delivered under contract by Canon Services America which provides print and photocopying services to Mason students, faculty, and staff. Departments may continue to use legacy equipment in their department until replacement is necessary. No individual department may purchase additional print devices, networked or non-networked, to include but not limited to MFDs or SFDs; all requests for print or duplication equipment purchases must be approved by the Auxiliary Enterprises Associate Director of Contracts and Special Projects in consultation with Purchasing.

A valid Mason ID is required to operate Canon furnished MFDs. Non-Mason users can obtain a Guest Card through the Mason Card Office and at select locations noted here:

III. Compliance

A. Copy Jobs

Requests for print or photocopying which originate within the University and are paid for through the use of state funds should be submitted through the managed print services digital storefront. Print and duplication requests can also be dropped off at approved campus print locations.

B. Off-Campus Copying or Printing

If commercial printing is necessary, the originating activity or department will be required (per University Policy 1111) to send the request to the office of Creative Services. Creative Services requests and recommends E-Va registered vendors appropriate to the project.

C. Method of Billing

Chargeback reports are sent monthly to each department/activity by the managed print services vendor.

IV. Responsibilities

A. Deans and Department Heads have the responsibility of ensuring that personal use print resources and photocopies are not charged against their departmental expense accounts.

B. The Associate Director for Contracts and Special Projects, Auxiliary Enterprises will ensure that accurate pricing and correct web addresses are posted for authorized campus print facilities that can be found here:

V. Dates

A. Effective Date:

September 15, 2018.

B. Date of Most Recent Review:


VI. Timetable for Review

This policy, and any related procedures, shall be reviewed every three years or more frequently as needed.

VII. Signatures



Senior Vice President for Administration and Finance


Provost and Executive Vice President

Date Approved: September 11, 2018