Motorized Utility Vehicles

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University Policy Number 1131


Responsible Office:

Policy Procedure:

Procedures for Policy 1131: Motorized Utility Vehicles

Related Law & Policy:

Policy 1404: Reporting of Crimes, Accidents, Fires and Other Emergencies

Policy 2106: Purchase of Goods and Services

I.                   Scope  

This policy covers the use, registration, identification, and acquisition of motorized utility vehicles at George Mason University. This policy establishes standards for the purchase and operation of motorized utility vehicles (MUVs) owned or leased by George Mason University and for the operation of all MUVs on University grounds.  It applies to all George Mason employees, students, contractors and visitors, at all University locations.

II.                Policy Statement

MUVs operated on George Mason University property must be identified and registered with the Office of Parking and Transportation.

All operators must review the Procedures for Motorized Utility Vehicles and sign the attached Acknowledgement Form. Operators and Departments must comply with all operating and safety standards provided in the Procedures for Motorized Utility Vehicles.

The acquisition of MUVs by University Departments must be approved by the Office of Parking and Transportation before purchase or lease. Such approval is limited to Departments which demonstrate a Valid Business Use for the Motorized Utility Vehicle.

III.             Definitions

Motorized Utility Vehicle (“MUV”):  Vehicle not intended for road use nor licensed under the laws of any state, powered by electric or internal combustion motors. These include golf carts, Cushman vans, Bobcat utility carts, gators, ATVs, and other similar devices.  These do not include wheelchairs or other electronic personal assistance mobility devices (EPAMDs), such as the Segway® PT.

Valid Business Use: Transporting persons, equipment, or supplies for the university as well as transporting persons or students with temporary or permanent disability needs.

IV.              Forms

Application for Purchase of a Motorized Utility Vehicle (MUV)/Registration of an Existing MUV Form

Procedures for Motorized Utility Vehicles Acknowledgment Form, Appendix A of Procedures for Policy 1131: Motorized Utility Vehicles

V.                 Dates:

 Effective Date:   

This policy will become effective upon the date of approval by the Senior Vice President and Provost.

Date of Most Recent Review:



VI.              Timetable for Review

This policy, and any related procedures, shall be reviewed biannually or as necessary.

VII.           Signatures


_______/S/________                                  _____12/19/2013_________

Jennifer Wagner Davis                                      Date

Senior Vice President for

Administration and Finance


_______/S/_______                                   ______12/19/2013________

Peter N. Stearns                                                 Date