Poster Posting

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University Policy Number 1109


Responsible Office:

Policy Procedure:

  • Poster Posting Procedures

Related Law & Policy:

  • Policy 1110: Vending Sales and Solicitation


The policy applies to the posting of information and advertising materials in the buildings and on the grounds of George Mason University. It applies to all University Departments, employees, students, contractors, and the general public at all George Mason University locations, owned and leased.


This policy and related procedures governs all posting inside University buildings and Commercial posting on George Mason University property.

This policy does not preempt applicable student housing, student unions, libraries or athletics procedures currently in effect for those facilities. The University reserves the right to remove materials posted not in accordance with these procedures.


Commercial: Related to or used in the buying and selling of goods and services.

Additional definitions are contained in the Poster Posting Procedures.


The following individuals have responsibility for reviewing posting in accordance with the Poster Posting Policy on specific campus areas:

Director, Student Centers 1. Johnson Center building and Plazas
2. Student Unions I building and Quad
3. The Hub building and Patio
4. Patriot Circle
Director, Housing & Residential Life 1. Residence Halls and Grounds
Director, Athletics 1. Athletic Fields and Field House Grounds
Director, Campus Operations, Arlington 1. All buildings and grounds, Arlington Campus
Director, Campus Operations, Prince William 1. All buildings and grounds, Prince William Campus



1. Violation of posting procedures constitutes potential grounds for removal of the material, denial of approval to post materials by that organization for a specified period of time, loss of access to duplicating services, or other facilities use restrictions as determined by the Vice President for Auxiliary and Fiscal Services or his/her designated representative. Charges for the cost of removal of the material and any associated repairs can also be levied by the Vice President for Auxiliary and Fiscal Services.

2. Request for waivers or exceptions to posting procedures must be made to the Vice President for Auxiliary and Fiscal Services or his/her designated representative.


The policies herein are effective as of April 28, 2004.  This Policy shall be reviewed and revised every two years or as necessary.


Maurice W. Scherrens
Senior Vice President

Peter N. Stearns

Date approved: May 24, 2004

Revised: April 6, 2015