Work Schedules and Attendance for Classified Employees


The policies provided herein apply to classified employees employed by George Mason University at all locations.


The hours of work for classified employees of the State are described in the Virginia Personnel Act and the DHRM Policy No. 1.25.  It is the Commonwealth’s objective to provide consistent work hours for its employees, which allow for flexibility in work schedules.  The University is authorized to develop such policies and procedures to comply with and complement these State policies.

The regular work week for full-time positions consists of a five day, 40 hour per week schedule for every seven calendar-day period.  Normal operating hours consists of eight and one-half hours including a 30-minute lunch break, usually from 8:30 a.m. until 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.  Also, work schedules that differ from the standard work week may be implemented if such schedules are identified as more efficient.  In emergency situations, an employee’s schedule may be temporarily adjusted.


The Associate Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer, Payroll Director and Head of Departments, Offices and Activities are responsible for the daily monitoring and administrative coordination of the policies contained herein.

A. Associate Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer

Develops hours of work and general time and attendance policies consistent with State, University and Federal requirements and resolves related problems.

B. Payroll Director

Develops and administers specific time and attendance reporting and accounting procedures consistent with University policy.  Processes and maintains time and attendance and leave reports.

C. Heads of Departments, Offices and Activities

Review and validate web time entry, ensuring accuracy and timely submission.  Establish specific work schedules for subordinate staff within State and University policies.


This policy is effective June 10, 2004.  This policy shall be reviewed and revised, if necessary, annually to become effective at the beginning of the University’s fiscal year, unless otherwise noted.


Maurice W. Scherrens
Senior Vice President

Peter N. Stearns

Date approved: June 19, 2004

Date of most recent review: February 14, 2013